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We know the more you learn about concrete, the better informed decisions you will be able to make for your home, business, or community. Below are resources for you to learn more about concrete and why it is the most versatile, affordable, and green material for your construction needs.



Basics of Concrete - Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready mixed concrete is a type of concrete that is manufactured at a batch plant or factory, according to a pre determined recipe, and delivered to a project site by truck mounted transit mixers. This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction project sites. The first ready mixed concrete batch plant or factory was built in the 1930s, but the industry did not begin to expand significantly until the 1960’s, and it has continued to grow since then.

Ready mixed concrete is option preferred over on-site mixing because of the precision of the concrete mixture and reduced project/work site confusion. Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, water, and aggregates comprising sand and gravel or crushed stone. These raw materials are purchased by weight whereas the batched concrete mixture is sold by the volume - usually expressed in cubic yard or cubic meter. Most of ready mixed concrete is currently manufactured under computer-controlled operations and transported and placed at project sites using sophisticated equipment and methods. Ready mixed concrete assures the end users numerous benefits as follows:

  • A centralized concrete batch plant can serve a wide area
  • Better quality concrete is produced
  • Elimination of storage space for basic materials at project sites
  • Labor and space associated with project site concrete production are eliminated

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